Design Price List:

DvD/CD covers from 200 euros. (DvD/CD Desde 150 euros)

Banners ( gif, flash) from 100 euros

Flyers from 250 euros any size.

Book or magazine covers from 400 euros.

Webdesign from 500 euros ( full static website with professional admin, portfolio pages ( like this) full menu bars etc from 1000 euros) This price also including the host name registration and server fees for ONE year!

We have absolutely flexible prices, depending of the project!

For example: Your company needs new image including new photos, videos/films ( with music), designs for advertising on web, tv, magazines, flyers, posters, brochure etc, Our team ready to provide you th all package! Let us know what your compoany needs! We are here to help!

please CONTACT US!

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