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Was fun today

A little fun today


New sets from Kriszti

Just made it :)


Japan snake tattoo

Japan snake tattoo by Gabe David


Flower tattoo

Just finished a nice flower tattoo.


Foo dog tattoo

A part of my buddy full japan sleeve. Foo Dog protector of the weaks.

Foo dog tattoo by Gabe David


Tribal tattoo

60% ready of my buddy full tribal tattoo. will be come more to his back and chest!

Tribal tattoo by Gabe David


Japan sleeve

We are in the 70% of the process to finish my buddy custom Japan sleeve tattoo :)

Japan style sleeve tattoo by Gabe David

Hot new portfolio

Just finished a brand new photo portfolio with Krisztina :) hope u like it….

Ny Shot with Krisztina Sereny


Krisztina Sereny

Colorful living

Just looked around other photographers websites… they are many great artist, great photos… Everyones has different styles, lightings, retouch. For me the most important thing, to make the image extreme pop, with millions of colours…. when I was amateur, I made many black and white images in the basements, in the railway stations, old manufactures etc, because i was think those are very artistic. but no. its not. why? we living in colours, bright lights, sunshines. I love see the clarity on the images, brutal lights, hard shades… i called this PLASTICA… because its more 3D, more pop…whos my fav artist? : Pablo B




book of Barbi




Just a few shots today

Finished few shots today with the one and only Krisztina :)

Beat this… she started to compete in the fitness in 1997… she was a ifbb pro in 2001, than realized the pro is shit if u are european so she went back to amateur and won the european title in 2004 and the world title in 2007. .. her little prince Dominiko born in 2009… today Krisztina’s looks like this: june 1 2014…

Time Square vagott IMG_8849

New magazine release

In the Urbanwoman Magazine just releazed a work of mine with my fitness personal trainer and my model friend Marcelo Zarza

IMG_5513   urbanwoman

UH New webdesign

Jaaaaa. just finishing this my brand new website ( this site) these days. cant wait to finish and lounch :)

facebook official

just finished Krisztina new summer hot photoshooting!

Hey folks,

just finished Kriszti new photoshooting in my villa. hope you like it :)

114 212

sorry but no more free prew. hope u understand!

take care




Rock your life by Rudolf Schenker

A masterpiece come out from a rock legend. A biography…and more! I just read few pages what his website give us for free ( couse this book is not comeout yet in my country where i live) so that few pages was emotional. Seriously. This book is not a “how you make money fast” but much more. It’s how you Rock your life! So get up and lets get your copy today! Believe me worth it!



Short story: Me and Scorpions

I was met with Scorpions in 1999 Budapest-Hungary. The band was there for a life performing in some festival, plus they were promoted the new album Eye to eye…

I was invited to the party by Universal Music ( Polygram) couse i have 2 lp and 7 maxi single ( as an solo artist: David)

After the party, i was invite them to go somewhere else to have a good time in the nightlife of Budapest. Rudolf and Ralph Rieckerman ( former bass player)  said: yes ok why not :)the others Mathias, Klaus, James was too tired…So we get into my car and went to my friend restaurant – Hotel Charles -to “warm up” and talk a littlebit. I remember i was calld my friend Charles from my car: – Hey Charle its David…do you like Scorpions? He said: Yes of course…but you call me in the middle of the night to ask this??? no Charle i was calld you couse the half of the Scorpions is in my car and we want to drink something in your Hotel…and he said: common is not a good joke..I’m very tired for this…blabla…Ok Charle be in your hotel 20 min…will see…

After i was show them the greatest monuments in Budapest, than we went to one of the famous Disco in Budapest ( secret)… in the car we sing together “Blackout”…in the morning i was toke them back to hotel…nothing special…it was a great evening. We speak a lot, dance all night…so it was fun.

…nothing special well :)

I was grow up in the 80’s. When the World Wide Live double LP came out in 85 we went crazy by Scorpions! my wall was full of posters of Scorpions from the magazine Bravo…was very hard to get Bravo in these days because of the middle of communism…my father old stereo went wrong because i was listen Scorpions so loud! We was screamin and singing Blacout with my uncle…we were imagined he was the drummer, i was the  rithm gitarist. I saw the Scorpions tour movie World Wide Live minimum 1000times :) …and few year later i take them to party :) common! Nothing is impossible as Rudolf said in his book…

I remeber one thing very clearly from this night: I was ask him, why they come with us all night? Couse we don’t know eachother…we never met before….and Rudolf Schenker said: I feel the energy in you guys…….

So Rudolf, you already made our life in this night! My wife Krisztina David won the Fitness European championship 2004 and she won the Fitness world Championship in 2007…if you have time read her bio here

Me? I became one of the most wanted glamour-fetish-bodybuilding photographer….

News: my son just arriwed in okt 28. 2009 :) Dominiko David…i was bought a lead guitar and made my own demo studio with Mac system, so we don’t stop! I still feel the heat inside! We workout every day, live our life in happyness in one of the most beautiful place in the world The Costa Blanca, Spain :)

We are very proud of you Rudolf! I think we are “wearing the same shoes”. When i start singing and wrote my songs in 98′ i was lost all my friends. Couse they said I’m crazy, i lost my mind, i never will be on stage, i can’t sing so good etc. all people was soo negative around me! But we did it! I know the feeleng to stand on stage front of 15-20.000 people and singing my best song :) and see them jumping with me ….

It was almost the same happened with me, like you in your young ages.

So shortly, I’m waiting your online store to order your book!

Wish you the best for you and your family!

If anytime we can help for anything, let us know! Or just want to visit the beautiful Costa Blanca in private…

take care!

Gabe David & Krisztina David

i was find the old photos from this night…veeery bad quality, and had to scanned from a 9x15cm small photo …but ok :)

Rudolf Schenker and Krisztina David

Rudolf Schenker and Krisztina David

Ralf Rieckermann - Gabe David - Krisztina David photo made by Rudolf Schenker :)

Ralf Rieckermann - Gabe David - Krisztina David photo made by Rudolf Schenker :)

Ralf Rieckermann and Rudolf Schenker

Ralf Rieckermann and Rudolf Schenker

Ralf Rieckermann - Rudolf Schenker

Rudolf Schenker - Ralf Rieckermann

Ralf Rieckermann - Charles - Rudolf Schenker

Ralf Rieckermann - Charles - Rudolf Schenker

Ralf Rieckermann - Rudolf Schenker

Ralf Rieckermann - Rudolf Schenker

Charles - Ralf Rieckermann - Krisztina David - Rudolf Schenker

Charles - Ralf Rieckermann - Krisztina David - Rudolf Schenker

Ralf Rieckermann - Rudolf Schenker

Ralf Rieckermann - Rudolf Schenker

Ralf Rieckermann - Gabe David - Krisztina David - photo made by Rudolf Schenker

Ralf Rieckermann - Gabe David - Krisztina David - photo made by Rudolf Schenker

Rudolf Schenker - in my car

Rudolf Schenker - in my car

ps: i do not give out those photos for anyone! DO NOT COPY IN ANY WAY!

my dedicated “Eye to Eye”


New hot Photos from Krisztina Sereny

New hot photos!

Here are some new  playboystile photosets from the fitness celeb Krisztina Sereny.
all photos are world wide copyrighted! download, watch it, use as a wallpaper on your mobile or iphone BUT NEVER EVER use it in any kind of  advertising without our written permission! thanks!

81 29 112 210 113 211

More bodybuilding photos

More bodybuilding photos from my works:


img_07711 img_2118 dannews

kep-0241 kep-0751 img_2199 dsc_0073 dsc_00931 dsc_0184 dsc_0278 dsc_0180 dsc_0433 dsc_0388 dsc_0447 dsc_0436 dsc_0267 dsc_0186 dsc_0444 dsc_04291 dsc_0485 dsc_0469 dsc_0458 danivideo

Wanna get your bodybuilding portfolio? contact me: david@gabedavid.com

Quieres nuevo fotos? david@gabedavid.com

Answer to the models

Dear models,

Thank you for your nice emals what i got every day. First of all, I’m working for money, thats why i do my best no matter you are pro or amateur. There are no differents between the private portfolios and magazine covers quality. All images what i make is my reference also. I can’t soot for underprice or for kindness or … u know what i mean.

Yes, of course i can help to be in magazine, or get the cover :) Why? Because the magazines pays me too as a photo artist!

How its works:

Fashion models, portfolios: Come and we make your best portfolio…than i will send over to the magazines ( if you like) and if the magazine interested, we will shooting for them new photos for serious money… both of us!

For bodybuilders and fitness models: Do noy forget to get the best elliptical cross trainer but to go to the Flex mag or am.curves and say: hi im the best model…shoot me :) ….no way! they have no time for this! be ready! take your best shoots with you what we made before!!!

Or wanna get some sponsors? Show them what you got! email them your best shots! tell them that you have hundreds of great quality: bikini, gym, workout, fitness etc… photos more!

And please…do not pay for shit photos! There is just a few good photograper around…yes i know everybody can buy cameras and equipments but hey….i can buy basketball but this is not means: i can play!

And last but not least: just money makes money…so pay me, get you best shots and be a star!

Gabe David

ps: who cares im not speak english well…hey it’s my 3-rd language what i learning.

m5c1 m1d1

happy surfing! Check the categories in the right!

Scorus Bernat photos

Just a few photoshots from The Nabba World Champion Scorus Bernat

click the photos for enlarge!

110 sc1

dsc_0254 dsc_0304

if you want to get a great protfolio, let me know :)

just contact me

fetish and muscle


a nice art nude fetish photo from the world’s best muscle fetish site!

wanna get your best portfolio+webpage? let me know :) contact me.

New Krisztina Sereny shoots

Just finished Krisztina’s new photoshoots. I love to works with her! As a glamour star she can pose :) and her beautiful body just perfect !

here are some sample:


26.jpg 31.jpg 42.jpg 64.jpg

wanna get photos like these? contact me!

New project: Scorus – Your Personal Trainer

Just started to shoot our new project where I will be the producer-director-photographer calld: Scorus – Your Personal Trainer

it’s will be a full project with DvD, style and bodybuilder photos, diet advices such as why you should learn more about Pure Garcinia Cambogia , training advices and many more. Sorry I cant tell you more until we finish, couse it’s a secret now. But here are some prewiev:


17.jpg dsc02508.jpg dsc02514.jpg

work with us! contact me !

videos from this shoot here: http://www.youtube.com/user/gabedavid

Wish you a marry christmas!

Dear my friends!

Me and my team wish you a merry christmas and happy hollydays!

Gabe David & Krisztina David


Summer 2008

AAAAAAAA i can’t tell you how much I love this video! Yes i know we made it, but the feeling here is soo great! Thanks God to bring us back from the USA! Thank you my love to be my side since 11 years! I love you Izmi!

hey I LOVE SPAIN! THANK YOU COSTA BLANCA! THANK YOU! Thanks God to bring us here! I’m so happy! uhhh :))))))))

To Adam Perényi: ezt jól kihagytad…

So please download this video. It’s totally free. It’s a backstage video from our photoshootings in this summer of 2008. It was my best summer in my life. Just watch it! and one more thing: The music is from the motion pictures: Miami Vice. Download this video and listen loud! Believe me it’s make your day!

click to the image or here and download in high quality! take care, and remember:  you live only once…so get up and live!


New photos from Krisztina

Just finished Krisztina Sereny new hot photoset!


wanna be our model? contact me!


Hey, thanks for stopping by!

I’m Gabe David Playboy – Glamour and Fetish photographer. New to blogs? Just scroll down, or choose from my categories in the right side! many free photos and videos from my works!

if you like my work download my free wallpapers below! just click on the thumbs and open it, than right click and save! :)


1280×1024 wallpapers

1280x1024.jpg b1280x1024.jpg

1680×1050 wallpapers

1680x1050.jpg b1680x1024.jpg

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Bikini photos

Krisztina Sereny David Fitness World and European champion bikini photos

Krisztina is the first fitness champion who got the cover of Playboy magazine…worldwide.


Please click on the thumbs for enlarge image.

Green bikini shots


dsc_0124.jpg dsc_0132.jpg dsc_0131.jpg dsc_0123.jpg dsc_0129.jpg

Pink bikini set


dsc_0014.jpg dsc_0007.jpg dsc_0016.jpg dsc_0017.jpg dsc_0032.jpg

dsc_0082.jpg dsc_0086.jpg bikini-094.jpg bikini-130.jpg

Car Wash shots


p1.jpg p2.jpg p3.jpg

Pink bikini shots


pi1.jpg pi3.jpg pi4.jpg pn1.jpg pn2.jpg pn3.jpg pn4.jpg

Small bikini shots


k1.jpg k2.jpg k3.jpg k4.jpg k5.jpg k6.jpg k7.jpg k8.jpg

Water gun shots


z1.jpg z3.jpg

Red bikini shots


dsc_0003.jpg dsc_0011.jpg dsc_0489.jpg dsc_0488.jpg dsc_0490.jpg dsc_0511.jpg

dsc_0484.jpg dsc_0486.jpg

Gym bikini photos


dsc_0049.jpg dsc_0055xx.jpg dsc_0066.jpg dsc_0155.jpg dsc_0156.jpg dsc_0161.jpg

Blue bikini shots


dsc_0015.jpg dsc_0016s.jpg dsc_0005.jpg

Green bikini in the beach

dsc_0115.jpg dsc_0107.jpg dsc_0201.jpg

Pink bikini in the beach



Body parts

pa1.jpg pa2.jpg pa3.jpg pa4.jpg

Yvette bikini shots

Playboy playmate Yvette


Bikini photos from Yvette


dsc_0046.jpg dsc_0050.jpg dsc_0058.jpg dsc_0064.jpg dsc_0078.jpg dsc_0080.jpg dsc_0147.jpg dsc_0152.jpg dsc_0154.jpg dsc_0137.jpg


One of my favorites


f42.jpg f21.jpg

much more photos from my work in the glamour and fetish category – right side

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Just a few private photos

Hey, here are few private photos. Where we live, how we feel, etc. :)

dsc00397.jpg dsc00098.jpg dsc00194.jpg dsc00216.jpg dsc00708.jpg dsc00553.jpg dsc00925.jpg dsc00945.jpg dsc01015.jpg dsc01027.jpg dsc01042.jpg dsc01567.jpg

glamour more!



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