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More bodybuilding photos

More bodybuilding photos from my works:


img_07711 img_2118 dannews

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Wanna get your bodybuilding portfolio? contact me:

Quieres nuevo fotos?

Answer to the models

Dear models,

Thank you for your nice emals what i got every day. First of all, I’m working for money, thats why i do my best no matter you are pro or amateur. There are no differents between the private portfolios and magazine covers quality. All images what i make is my reference also. I can’t soot for underprice or for kindness or … u know what i mean.

Yes, of course i can help to be in magazine, or get the cover :) Why? Because the magazines pays me too as a photo artist!

How its works:

Fashion models, portfolios: Come and we make your best portfolio…than i will send over to the magazines ( if you like) and if the magazine interested, we will shooting for them new photos for serious money… both of us!

For bodybuilders and fitness models: Do noy forget to get the best elliptical cross trainer but to go to the Flex mag or am.curves and say: hi im the best model…shoot me :) ….no way! they have no time for this! be ready! take your best shoots with you what we made before!!!

Or wanna get some sponsors? Show them what you got! email them your best shots! tell them that you have hundreds of great quality: bikini, gym, workout, fitness etc… photos more!

And please…do not pay for shit photos! There is just a few good photograper around…yes i know everybody can buy cameras and equipments but hey….i can buy basketball but this is not means: i can play!

And last but not least: just money makes money…so pay me, get you best shots and be a star!

Gabe David

ps: who cares im not speak english well…hey it’s my 3-rd language what i learning.

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